In 2013, I finished some overseas work and was not scheduled for another international assignment so I started looking for a “fun” car. I cannot seem to leave any car stock, so my brother suggested I look for an older sports car rather than something new. I have always wanted a Porsche 911 so I started hunting through Craigslist, Ebay, etc. and finally found a local 1987 Carrera coupe with the G50 transmission. As the market was starting to heat up and it was the only G50 car I had seen in Houston, I bought it based only on my own inspection and test drive. In most respects, it was in great condition.

During some routine maintenance, I managed to break one of the alloy lug nuts. I took it over to Mike Callas (RIP) at Rennsport and, in addition to removing the broken lug nut, he discovered that the car had a couple broken head studs. The resulting repair bill (in addition to the head studs, I had him replace the clutch, cams, fuel lines and rebuild the heads) was a painful lesson in the value of a proper pre-purchase inspection.

Over the last several years, I have modified quite a few items on the car. I am not interested in originality but like making the car “mine”. To document some of my modifications for others trying to do something similar or just your amusement, I have created the following articles. I have also performed other work (bump steer, sport shocks, bigger torsion bars, Elephant Racing bushings, Momo steering wheel, SSI exhaust, etc.) but these are common, well documented and straightforward jobs. If you have questions, please send an email or look for Pato911 on the Pelican forums.