Center Console Delete

In the spirit of continuing the minimalist interior after the RS carpet install, I relocated the controls from the center console and fabricated a small cover for the shifter mechanism

Relocation of the Hazard Switch was in accordance with a great article on the Pelican Parts forum.

The AC controls were left in their “box” which was moved up under the dash and attached to the ashtray support using a small bracket made from aluminum plate. Leter, I swapped it for a 3D printed box as shown in the lead photo.

For the shifter cover, I measured the required outer dimensions and shift boot hole and mocked it up with paper before cutting and forming from a 2×6. Some ~1/16th thick plastic was vacuum-formed over the top. I heated the plastic too much and it bubbled however, after sanding and painting with Plastidip, I was satidfied with the final texture.