Cone Filter

The stock air filter housing is quite large, has difficult clips to access and, on my car, had a crack in one mount. To clean up the engine bay, I decided to replace the large, boxy, stock air cleaner with an aftermarket cone filter. I also backdated the heat and added SSI heat exchangers but that is a different topic.

I designed an adapter on Autodesk’s 123Design to allow the round flange of the cone filter to be clamped to the inlet of the AFM. From there, I checked pricing on MakeXYZ and had a local guy run a couple off on his 3D printer.

Later, I transferred the design over to Fusion 360 as it is now my go-to tool for 3D design.

Last, you could use a K&N filter, but I chose the AEM Dry Filter as they do not require re-oiling.