Weight Reduction

It has been said that 10lbs of weight removed is equivalent to one horsepower added. Of course, it is more complicated than that. In addition to helping your car accelerate, weight reduction will also help handling and braking. Most of the modifications I have made to the car were for functional or aesthetic reasons primarily with weight reduction a secondary factor.

The published curb weight of my 1987 Porsche Carrera coupe is 2866lbs. To date, I have made the following modifications that had associated weight impacts (some weighed on my bathroom scale, some weights from internet references):

Weight Changes [addition / (reduction)]lbs
Heat Backdate(10.00)
Spare Tire(34.00)
Rear Seats(13.00)
Rear Speaker Shelf(13.00)
Original Sound Deadening(28.00)
New Sound Deadening5.00
Original Exhaust(67.00)
SSI + Dansk Sport61.00
Fog Lights(4.00)
Washer Bottle (net w/ water)(5.00)
Footwell Blowers(4.00)
Center console(4.00)
Cruise control(5.00)
Interior door bits (added back on)(10.00)
Stock Power Seats(90.00)
Sparco R100 Seats60.00
BBS Wheels (net)29.00
TOTAL WEIGHT CHANGE (reduction)(151.00)

The above is not expected to be a complete or highly accurate list but it should result in a new curb weight of 2866-151 = ~2715lbs.