Wheel and Tire Sizing

New wheels can make a car look and handle very different. Both the style as well as the size/ offset can have a large impact. There are many different styles and what you choose is up to your own personal taste. However, there are certain limits or restrictions based on the suspension geometry and what is commercially available.

The old (pre-1990) air cooled Porsches came stock with 14in, 15in and 16in wheels. Later Porsches and most new cars are 17in and greater. The resulting availability of <17in tires is poor and getting worse. If you choose to move up to 17in or 18in wheels for looks or to increase your tire selection, you will need to check whether the result will fit in your wheel wells without rubbing. You can roll the fender lips if you are close.

A great tool for determining what combinations will fit is on Rims-N-Tires.

Start with your current wheel/ tire size and a measurement of the gaps to fenders, suspension and body. Then input alternates to either achieve the same overall diameter and clearances or adjust as needed to fill out your wheel wells. You can check the online tire sellers for tire availability in a given size.

My car came stock with 16in Fuchs and I replaced them with 17in BBS LM wheels (powder-coated centers). The details are below and the resulting fit was about the maximum in the front. In the rear, the inner clearance is at minimum and the outer is about 1/2in shy of the fender lip.

MakeModelSizeWt (lbs.)O/S (mm)B/S (mm)Miscellaneous
Fuchs 6×161736112911.361.020.43 (early)
  7×161823.3 (911)112911.361.020.44 (early, 77-84)
  8×161910.6 (911)112911.361.020.45 and 911.362.117.XX
BBSLM1357.5×1720.628137Tire: 205 – 235
 LM1369×1721.417145Tire: 235 – 265