New seats for the 2002

My 1974 BMW came with some OEM seats in dark blue. They were in excellent condition but not very secure in the curves. The popular replacement seats are the early E21 Recaros however, they are getting pretty scarce and expensive so I looked elsewhere.

OEM dark blue interior

First, I grabbed a pair of E30 sport seats from the junkyard. Once they were repaired and recolored, they looked good but were a bit firm and sat very high. I ended up giving them to a local 2002 guy who cut the bottom brackets off and installed them in his car. They look great.

I also watch the Porsche Pelican forums and saw an add for some Recaros. They were a little different and a bit faded but otherwise looked good and at a great price. With some easy adapters cut out of 2″ x 1/8″ steel flat bar, they dropped right in. Comfortable, secure, and the look good. A win!

Recaro – BMW 2002 Adapter

After putting some miles on it, I decided the seats needed to be about an inch higher. A 1″x1″ aluminum square tube spacer did the trick.

In 2020, one of the guys in my local club offered up some E21 Recaros (with the riser/ adapters) for a ridiculously good price. I snapped them up and had them installed the same day. I moved the previous Porsche Recaros to my ’87 Carrera.

E21 Recaros in the ’02

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