Fuse Block Upgrade

The BMW originally came with a 12-position fuse block using “torpedo fuses”. I Wanted to switch to a more modern ATO/ ATC “blade” fuse. There are several 10+ position fuse blocks available in the marketplace but I finally went with the following available on Amazon. It is roughly the same size as the original but only has 10 positions.

To fit it into the stock space without cutting, I designed and 3D printed a small adapter.

I then created a spreadsheet with the original circuits and my revised/ condensed circuits. The only real change was combining some of the lights circuits. Note that the bottom of the fuse block combines the various circuits for a single fuse so you also need to build some pigtails to combine the various inputs and outputs.

Once everything is ready, it is just a matter of installing the adapter, plugging in the pigtails and screwing down the new fuse block. It looks almost OEM!

In the above photo, I also originally installed a combination fuse/ relay box for the EFI circuits. I was not happy with the quality and later replaced it. It’s not as pretty but I trust the connections.

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